The Mapletree Transportation Story

About Mapletree Transportation

Delivering quality, value, and reliability…

At Mapletree Transportation, our philosophy is to provide our customers the best possible experience and satisfaction every time.

Mapletree Transportation started out 1997 hauling pop-up tent campers on double deck trailers. Soon Mapletree expanded to include not only tent campers, but also single pull RV’s and a power-only tow-away business.

Today we have a company fleet of 40 trucks and 100 trailers and also a fleet of more than 160 Owner / Operators. Our dispatchers at Mapletree have, on average, 18 years of experience in transportation, and we have 4 with over 20 years of experience.

Mapletree has expanded to include the following transport services:

  • RV Transport
  • Boat Transport
  • Automobile Transport
  • Bus Transport
  • Specialty Transport
  • Mobile Structures Transport
  • Mobile Home Transport
  • Power-Only Tow-Away
  • Brokered Freight
  • Flatbed Freight

With this experience, an eye on customer satisfaction and highly competitive driver pay, Mapletree Transportation has more to offer than simply transportation. Give us a call and see how we can help you.